Are there any restrictions on the type of jobs or internships I can post? Why was my posting not published?

There are certain restrictions on the type of jobs that are listed on EntertainmentCareers.Net.  EntertainmentCareers.Net reserves the exclusive right to reject or remove any posting that we feel does not fit the standards of our website.

In the big picture, the jobs must be within the entertainment industry.  Typical companies include studios, networks, cable networks, production companies, talent agents, management companies, post production facilities, entertainment law firms, TV/Feature productions, Visual FX companies, etc.  We have also included multimedia and internet companies that are entertainment related.

Our members have come to expect that postings on our site will be for paying jobs or internships.  If there is not an open position or project need to fill that is described in the details of your listing, your posting may not be published.

There are specific guidelines on the job submission page but we generally do not accept postings for:

  • Talent Scouts or companies who employ talent scouts.
  • Any company associated with advance fee talent services.
  • Any postings from web based business whose core business is artist promotion.
  • Any posting that is associated with a modeling school or a for profit acting school.
  • Unpaid modeling jobs.
  • Postings seeking representation for yourself or your project.
  • Postings seeking financing of your project.
  • Commission only jobs
  • Any posting that requires payment to register for job appliction.
  • Internships that include any selling of any kind.
  • Unpaid/Intern blogging, writing or otherwise free content generators.

Also, we will not post listings requiring a photograph unless it is specifically for an on-camera position.

If you are unsure whether on not your company qualifies, please send us an email.